Feathers - Keith Hamilton

Keith Hamilton

  • Keith Hamilton  American
  • Feathers
  • Archival Pigment Print
  • 42" x 53 3/4"
  • $8,200

Much of Keith Hamilton's work is a comment on human perception: how our mind tries to recognize patterns and make sense of a complex world. Because context greatly influences how we perceive what we see, Hamilton often utilizes simulacra to confuse the viewer. Forcing the observer to stop and look closely at the subject matter before them, the artist plays with the human tendency to make snap judgments and move on to the next new thing. His models largely appear nude in his images thereby eliminating a time frame, as well as a socio-economic context connected to clothing and fashion.

The subjects are natural and revealed, whether covered with feathers or fur or human skin. His narratives are intentionally open-ended and invite the viewer to participate in the story. Drawing on intuition and the subconscious, Hamilton's work intends to ask questions and play with human emotions, rather than offer a direct dialogue.

Keith Hamilton holds an MFA from Pratt Institute.