Woman with Bird - Nahum Tschacbasov

Woman with Bird
Nahum Tschacbasov

  • Nahum Tschacbasov  American (1899-1984)
  • Woman with Bird
  • Oil on Board
  • 36" x 24"   framed 43" x 31 1/2"
  • $9,500

Born in Baku, Russia in 1899, avant-garde artist and painter Nahum Tschacbasov studied in Paris with Leopold Gottlieb, Marcel Gromaire and Fernand Léger. In 1935, Tschacbasov moved to New York City, where he dominated the art world from the 1930s through the 1950s. Tschacbasov was one of the co-founders of the Ten Dissenters, a group of young artists including Mark Rothko, Joseph Solman, Ilya Bolotowsky and Leopold Gottlieb, among others, protesting an art establishment they considered conservative in favor of individuality, abstraction and expressionism.